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Need a replacement garage door opener in Aliso Viejo? Find one that’s quiet, technologically savvy and straightforward to take care of at Genesis Garage Door Repair. We are a licensed dealer of Lift Master garage. We are available in Aliso Viejo, CA and its surrounding area’s.

We concentrate on the sale and repair of residential garage door operators and offer an ample selection of Lift Master products. You will find the simplest features, performance and sturdiness among our products. All residential garage door openers from Lift Maste will withstand severe weather and continued use — and that they have the diary to prove it. Choose among innovative accessories to form your home accessible and secure. Call Genesis Garage Door Repair today if your garage door needs Lift Master. We source all our residential and commercial products from only the simplest brands within the industry. By offering only industry-leading garage door brands, we offer you quality and sturdiness with every purchase. At Genesis Garage Door Repair, you will find garage doors and openers from LiftMaster® and other respected brands because we all know they deliver on promises of performance and excellence.

Genesis Garage Door Repair offers a good sort of convenient LiftMaster® accessories to satisfy many control requirements, and improve your lifestyle. Our garage remote controls can open both your gate and garage door with the touch of a button. Multi-car families can easily purchase extra remotes, and anyone will enjoy our keyless entry systems that you simply can program yourself. All our garage accessories feature the newest technology to stay you and your family safe and your property secure. Technology has opened an entirely new world of options and opportunities for homeowners. At Genesis Garage Door Repair, we provide a huge selection of opener accessories because they’re going to enhance your life and therefore the operation of your garage door. Contact Genesis Garage Door Repair today to find out about all the choices we provide. Our hottest models include:

1. This WLED® garage door operator from LiftMaster® gives you the liberty to work your garage door opener from anywhere within the world. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to access your garage via your smartphone, and sync your garage door opener with other smart devices in your home. Get alerts about your garage door, and even program a recurring schedule for opening and shutting your doors, or for turning the lights on and off. Plus, get corner-to-corner illumination from its built-in lights.

2. The first Wi-Fi-powered garage door opener from LiftMaster® offers advanced security measures you’ll access right from your smartphone. Set an automatic timer to shut your doors after a group number of minutes. Its PosiLock® system monitors your door against a forced opening, and its battery backup system operates your door even when the facility goes out.

For quite 10 years, Genesis Garage Door Repair, we’ve been serving Aliso Viejo and its surrounding area’s. Alongside our team of over 100 trained technicians and staff members. Once you work with us, you’ll expect top-quality products and outstanding service. We provide top-of-the-line overhead door openers from the simplest brands within the industry. We offer you the simplest experience whenever with top-notch service and installation. We’ve everything you would like to enhance the operation of your residential garage door. Contact us today at +1 (877) 540-3339 or visit our website at to learn about all our garage door opener installation, price and replacement options