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Genesis Garage Door’s in Mission Viejo expert garage repair technicians can help identify and resolve any problems you would possibly be having together with your garage door. If you’ve got a home or other residential property located in or around Mission Viejo, CA or its surrounding area’s that’s experiencing some garage door issues — contact us for same-day assistance. We will fix cables, springs, rollers, tracks, alignment, sensors, brackets, electric openers, chains and the other hardware related to your garage door and its operation. 

If your garage door doesn’t open and is stuck within the closed or open position, we’ve some troubleshooting tips for you, before you panic…

check the Battery 

— Garage doors are frequently opened by a mounted keypad or the remote operator. Before you think that the worst, make sure the difficulty isn’t simply because the battery died in these devices – which happens very often.

Be sure the Unit has Power 

– Maybe the youngsters were roughhousing within the garage or a breaker went out, if there’s no power to the garage there’s no power getting to your electric garage door opener.·

Is your Opener Locked? 

– Garage door openers have a lock button, and it’s possible that would be the difficulty preventing your door from opening or closing. Usually, a lightweight will flicker, just hold the button down on the remote and see if that’s your fix.·

Sensor Issue 

– for private safety and property safety reasons, most garage doors now have sensors. If they’re not aligned or have something blocking them the garage door won’t move as you expect. Make certain that both sensors are lined up with one another, there’s nothing within the way and that they are clean.·


– Check to make certain wires are connected, not chewed or damaged. There are wires for the sensors and therefore the main garage door unit. 

If you’ve got checked off the list above and tried everything you’ll consider, with no luck or simply haven’t any clue what you’re doing, contact our garage service professionals. We are happy to assist you and since this is often our field of experience, we will efficiently determine the precise cause and fix the difficulty, getting you back to your usual day. The Many Parts of a Garage Door that Commonly Needs Fixing or Replacement:·

There are tons that will fail with a garage door and every one its moving parts, but our garage repair technicians can make it right. Though many don’t know it, a garage door is sort of tons of weight hanging over your head, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure that it’s secure. We confirm every important aspect of your garage door is functioning well once we begin to your property by performing a comprehensive safety check, for each job completed. Contact the Genesis Garage Door Repair Company for any of your garage service needs if you’re within Mission Viejo, CA. Our garage door repair services experts are often reached at +1 (877) 540-3339 call anytime! or visit our website at