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Along with gate openers and safety devices, the installation of access control products plays an integral part within the workings of automatic gate systems in Orange, CA. Access controls are devices like keypads, telephone entry, intercoms, internet gateways, scheduled timers and remote controls that allow you to effortlessly manage the opening and shutting of your gates. All of them are designed for simple use, and lots of enjoy the newest technological advancements. In addition to the convenience access control systems offer, installing them is additionally important for security purposes as they allow you to carefully restrict entry to your property. These controls help reduce concern that unauthorized individuals are going to be ready to gain entrance where they are doing not belong. As such, the general value that access controls provide far exceeds the associated costs. There are many companies that manufacture access control units, including Lift Master, Door King, Linear, AAS, AWID, BFT, EMX and Seco-Larm.

Genesis Garage Door Repair is serving in Orange, CA and its surrounding area’s.  If you’ve got any questions on access control systems generally, or would really like guidance on which products are best for your particular needs, please give us a call at +1 (877) 540-3339 or visit our website at Our friendly staff is prepared and waiting to help you. Genesis Garage Door Repair frequently installs access control systems at individual residences, gated housing communities, businesses, government buildings and a spread of other locations. Our technicians have in-depth experience working with all the access control products available on the market. 

We will carefully install your keypads and telephone entry systems and make sure that they operate exactly as they ought to. We’ll also program and test your remotes and found out any timers or additional components you’ll have as a part of your overall access system. If you’d like, our technicians also can train you on using your access control products in order that you’re completely comfortable using them. Our aim is to form your interactions together with your electric gate system as hassle-free as possible.  

Sometimes access control systems malfunction and wish to be serviced to once more operate correctly. If your remotes, keypads, timers or other products aren’t working properly, please give us a call as soon as possible to schedule repair. The last item you would like is for you and your family/friends/residents to be unable to urge in or out of your property as necessary. When our technicians reach your location, they’re going to closely examine the devices in question, determine what corrections must be made, and efficiently implement those corrections.

Once the adjustments are made, we’ll test the gate(s) to make sure that the system is back at peak performance. In certain cases, the access controls might not be repairable. When product replacement is that the only suitable option, we will recommend excellent replacement models. Just as preventative maintenance is vital for automatic gate operators, so too is it valuable for access control systems.

As a part of our all-inclusive preventative service, our specialists will thoroughly inspect and test your telephone entry systems, keypads, intercoms and more, making repairs and changing settings where appropriate. Routine maintenance of access controls is especially critical if your electric gate system is in a heavily trafficked area. Semi-frequent re-calibrations go an extended way to keep everything fully operational. Whether you would like access system installation or repair, we’ve got you covered. Please call us at +1 (877) 540-3339 to talk with one of our maintenance staff members.